spring break


My spring break was so fun and great! I went to Washington D.C and I saw a lot of amazing things. My favorite thing was being able to see everything from the top of the Washington monument! I loved seeing things that I knew about and learning a lot of new things. We weren’t there for as long as I would have wanted to be but I still saw a lot and learned a lot. The only thing I didn’t like was our tour guide would always talk so much and we went everywhere so fast I barely got that many photos. Also this girl we were rooming with told her mom we were ditching her so then her mom texted my friend and said all this stuff and we weren’t even ditching her she was leaving us and then making us get in trouble by her mom, we were so mad. I learned a lot about George Washington, I could imagine how he lived and what maybe is was like. A cool thing we got to see was the changing of the soldiers at the tomb of the unknown soldier and the kids laying the wreath. It was a great trip and I hope to go again!

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