speak up!

A lot of people who get bullied don’t speak  up for themselves. I hate seeing friends that wont come to school because of bullying. More than 160,000 kids stay home because of bullying.  Also more than 3.2 billion are victims of bullying each year. Did you u know that 1 out of 4 teachers with bullying and only 4% will intervene most of the time. Most kids wont tell there parents or an adult about what is happening in there lives. Now days I know some parents that make is so some kids cant go on internet to be safe from online bullying. I honestly think that online bullying is worse than real life because some kids can just be so cruel online. Your stuff can also go world wide. Some people will also act totally different when there online. I really love the movie syber bully I mean its sad but it has a great ending. Its all about how one girl didn’t get to go on internet or anything until her sixteeth birthday. Here mom had finally gotten her a computer so she got this app that everyone else had and it was a kinda weird website but you know so is a lot of other things. She started following some people and then she go a friend thing from this guy she had no idea who he was but she asked her friends if she should add him and they said yeah. Then she started getting bullied really bad and would cry everynight. One day something really bad happened and she got so upset that she tried to over dose her self. After the hospital she she would have to go to these meeting and she hated them but then she kind of started liking it. Now to shorten this up at the end the person that bullied her said something again and she stood up  to her and when she did it was my favorite part of the whole movie. I WISH THAT EVERYONE COULD SPEEK UP TO BULLIES!!!!!!! #SPEAKUPTOBULLYING!

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