Genius Hour

I have not fully started working on my project yet. I have been working on the project and noredink. My website is almost finished and I have been looking up some recipes to put on there already. One dessert Raelle and I are going to try and make is,Vegan free Smores cupcakes. They look so good and Raelle and I really want to try them. Another thing we might make is vegan free brownies.

Lately well I have been working on noredink it has been hard! Some were very easy and some I learned along the way but other wise some I still would not know unless I said them into a phone( like siri or the talk in to type a message). I didn’t do that bad on the quiz but I also don’t know how our teacher is grading them.

If I ever do anything with genius hour again I will probably do something on learning about the human brain or learning about all the bones in the body. I would want to learn about the human brain because i’m not sure how it works or how some people can be born normal but end up different. I would want to learn about the human bones because I want to be a doctor when I grow up. Both of those things would help me be better when i’m older and am a doctor. I also want to learn how to cook certain foods so that’s why I am doing that for my genius hour.


College Visit

I went to Western Iowa Tec (WITCC). The trip wasn’t really that good because we were there for practically two hours and that’s It. All we saw was where they eat, there dorm rooms, and a few halls. I am not sure if I would want to go to college there because I didn’t see enough of it. I am also not sure if  they have sports there I just know that they have a gym. If you want to be a nurse, cook, fire fighter, or police officer this could be a college you might want to look at. The reason I was chose to go to this college was because I took a surveye. When we got the paper saying where we are going it said that this is for culinary arts and science (nursing). I wish That we could have made our food instead of having nachos. I heard that a lot of other groups got to do and make stuff. When I went to Iowa state last year with trio we got to have the same food as the college kids but this time we didn’t.

They also have tutoring for kids who struggle with something but it is fifty dollars.

Genius Hour


For my project me and my friend Raelle will be making vegan desserts. The reason why we are doing this is because it is something new to learn. Also we were curious on how some desserts could be made without eggs. My goal for this project is to learn how to make desserts without eggs. 

When I am doing this I will be posting weekly about my desserts and what they taste like. In the blog I will show the recipe, then say if it was good, and what my class mates thought of it.  I will also tell you If it was easy or a little harder to make.  I want to learn how it would be to be a vegan. Some things I know I could not give up but I can try. The good thing is u are helping to save animals in the inviornment. I love animals and I want to help them to not go extinct. I hope this will help some people if they want to help save them to.

spring break

My spring break was so fun and great! I went to Washington D.C and I saw a lot of amazing things. My favorite thing was being able to see everything from the top of the Washington monument! I loved seeing things that I knew about and learning a lot of new things. We weren’t there for as long as I would have wanted to be but I still saw a lot and learned a lot. The only thing I didn’t like was our tour guide would always talk so much and we went everywhere so fast I barely got that many photos. Also this girl we were rooming with told her mom we were ditching her so then her mom texted my friend and said all this stuff and we weren’t even ditching her she was leaving us and then making us get in trouble by her mom, we were so mad. I learned a lot about George Washington, I could imagine how he lived and what maybe is was like. A cool thing we got to see was the changing of the soldiers at the tomb of the unknown soldier and the kids laying the wreath. It was a great trip and I hope to go again!

week 10 blog~ Goodbye

I did 8 blogs and 9 including this one.They were all through the school.

I had 0 comments and 0 over seas.

No one commented on my post and I’m not sure why.The post about my brother and because it just made me feel better about it.Yes everytime my blog was about a different thing. I don’t know what the wildgets are. I have no over sea students on my blog role. I just used google. What jersey thought of my blog. She had very good blogs and I liked them. I’m not fully sure what captured my attention they were all good.  I started thinking about the food blog.  Don’t forget to put pictures with everyone of them.

The most interesting one for me was the nature one. Only when we did it for one of the blog challenges. No I dont read the magazine thing. It was interesting because of the different things we did. I learned to blog. I already nominated people.

Photo By Kristina B

Photo By Kristina B


tornadoes-is a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel shaped cloud and advancing beneath a large storm system.

For a tornado to start, two air masses must meet, a lower one containing warm, humid air and a higher one containing  cool, dry air. During thunderstorms, unstable humaid warm air moves upward and is stopped by a thin layer of cool air.

The largest tornado was on may 31 2013(my birthday). It was in El Reno, oklahoma.

The deadliest tornado was in 1925. They called it the Tri state tornado wich killed 695 and injured 2,027. The tornado was traveling more than 300 miles through Missouri, Illinois and indiana on march 18, 1925.

People say that it is not fully sure how tornadoes form, grow and die. Tornado reasearchers are still trying to solve the tornado puzzle, but for every piece that seems to fit they often uncover new pieces that need studied.

The last time there was a tornado that caused damage in fort dodge Iowa where I live was June 11, 2004. There has been 145 tornadoes in fort dodge sense 1950. The yearly average is 2. The yearly average for fatalities is zero.

What to do if there is a tornado near you/ how to prepair for one: Make sure u have a portable radio,preferably a NOAA weather radio, for weather alerts and updates. Seek shelter in the lowest level of your home, such as a basemeant or a storm shelter. If you dont have a basement, go to a inner hallway, a smaller inner room or closet. Keep away from all windows and glass doorways. If your in a building such as a church, hospital, school or office building, go to the innermost part of the building on the lowest floor. Do not use elevators because the power could go out, leaving you trapped.


top 2 best desserts in desmoines

Cheesecake is one of the famous desserts in Desmoines. I think this is true also because when I go to Desmoines to go shopping me and my mom stop at the cheese cake factory and its so good. Also in greece cheesecake was concidered to be a good source of energy , and there is evidence that it was served to athletes during the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. Some people in greece used to use it for there wedding cake.

Cupcakes are the second most famous dessert. I love cupcakes but I usually only have them on like birthdays or if my grandma makes some. first mentioned cupcake could be traced as far back as 1796.  It started by using a recipe of cake put into small cups. Every time they would just put it in little pottery cups.

someone in my life that has died

by fort dodge community schools.

by fort dodge community schools.

My brother was 18 years old when he died. It has been six years almost seven. He committed suicide on october 27th 2009. He was in track,baseball,football,and wrestling. He was a very hard worker. He always would pick on people in our family especially my aunt Bobi because it was so funny. At one of my birthday parties my aunt put peanut butter under his truck handle and my mom even has a video. Before he died he was gonna go to iowa central for track because he got a scholarship i think and he did for baseball to but he chose track.

speak up!

A lot of people who get bullied don’t speak  up for themselves. I hate seeing friends that wont come to school because of bullying. More than 160,000 kids stay home because of bullying.  Also more than 3.2 billion are victims of bullying each year. Did you u know that 1 out of 4 teachers with bullying and only 4% will intervene most of the time. Most kids wont tell there parents or an adult about what is happening in there lives. Now days I know some parents that make is so some kids cant go on internet to be safe from online bullying. I honestly think that online bullying is worse than real life because some kids can just be so cruel online. Your stuff can also go world wide. Some people will also act totally different when there online. I really love the movie syber bully I mean its sad but it has a great ending. Its all about how one girl didn’t get to go on internet or anything until her sixteeth birthday. Here mom had finally gotten her a computer so she got this app that everyone else had and it was a kinda weird website but you know so is a lot of other things. She started following some people and then she go a friend thing from this guy she had no idea who he was but she asked her friends if she should add him and they said yeah. Then she started getting bullied really bad and would cry everynight. One day something really bad happened and she got so upset that she tried to over dose her self. After the hospital she she would have to go to these meeting and she hated them but then she kind of started liking it. Now to shorten this up at the end the person that bullied her said something again and she stood up  to her and when she did it was my favorite part of the whole movie. I WISH THAT EVERYONE COULD SPEEK UP TO BULLIES!!!!!!! #SPEAKUPTOBULLYING!

Are u different online than off?

I think that I am the same the person online and offline. Sometime its easier for me to talk to people online though. Especially when you don’t know them or are scared to talk to them. Sometimes I will only say stuff online and not off because I am nervous to say it out loud or shy or something like that.